Steve Smith


Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Steve's strengths include building long-lasting and trusted relationships, utilising his network to the mutual benefit of stakeholders and knowledge of the Adelaide and national markets.

His substantial experience in agency and development provide a unique and well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the industrial property market and the strategies required to maximise value for his clients.

  • Focus on solid networks and relationships with key market participants
  • Provision of relevant and strategic advice to maximise value and meet client objectives
  • Strong negotiation skills

  • Clear understanding of value drivers for strong investment returns
  • Strong relationships with key purchaser groups, ranging from local investors, syndicates, superannuation funds and large institutional groups
  • Creative thinking - presenting clients with tailored and inspired property choices

  • Key focus of understanding the client's requirements
  • Provision of well-thought out strategic advice relevant to the objectives
  • Collaboration with key stakeholders and consultants to achieve the best project outcomes

  • Most experienced operator in Adelaide market in securing pre-lease deals for new development
  • Skilled in site acquisition, master-planning, feasibility analysis, negotiation and development management
  • Market leader in facilitating industrial property development with key involvement in some of the most significant industrial developments in the market

  • Registered Land Agent
  • Property Council of Australia
  • SA Leaders