Pillars of Property Asset Management

Pillars of Property Asset Management

Financial Management

Outgoings Budget preparation and management in consultation with operations management

Marketing Budget preparation and management distributed to Lessees per legislative requirement

Annual Increases & Turnover Rent calculation and processing

Creditor Disbursement of operating and marketing expenses

Invoicing and collection of rent, outgoings, promotion levy, fees and other charges

Debtor Management for rent, outgoings fees and charges collection

Arrears Recovery leveraging relationships and enforcing more formal procedures if required

Daily Reconciliation of trust account movements for receipts and payments

Prepayment & Accrual management

Owner Disbursements factoring in forecasted expenses. Timing tailored to meet client financial critical dates

Audit & Reconciliation of outgoings and marketing as the lease permits

Tenant Management

Tenancy Lease Administration including capture of critical dates and terms

Lease Negotiations including rent reviews, lease renewals, assignments and end of lease hand over, make good etc

Bank Guarantees Management

Critical Tenant Administrative Obligations management for insurance and WHS

Strong Tenant Relationships established and maintained

Critical Tenant Property Obligations management for repairs and maintenance, property related WHS, and other statutory obligations

Critical Tenant Engagement (Retail), to analyse performance and recommend actions to improve store performance

Tenant Sales & Insurance (Retail), to collect monthly sales figures (including audited figures) and maintain current certificates of currencies

Operations Management

Property Inspections at regular scheduled intervals including data capture into the iAuditor tool

Facilities Management services to triage issues and provide maintenance contractor support for cost effective resolution through to defect rectification

Contractor Management (and Tender) of ongoing maintenance contracts including fire services, mechanical, cleaning, landscaping, security etc

Contractors Approval and Induction to ensure compliance with state WHS legislation

Contractor Sign In where required under the terms of the agreement

Future Development capital works recommendations to Landlord for facilities, risk management and cost mitigation designed to prolong the value of the asset

Risk Management services including WHS implications for the general public, tenants and other stakeholders, focusing on minimising risk and managing costs

Client Engagement

Monthly Financial Report including Owners statements, Tenancy Schedule, Revenue and Expense, Arrears, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, General Ledger, Aged Debtors and Arrears, GST plus other financial reports as requested (within 5 days of month end)

Property Management Report includes facilities, incidents, security, cleaning, contractor management and other nonā€financial information (within 15 days of month end)

Client Meetings for regular engagement and relationship management to ensure the needs of the stakeholders are discussed and addressed

Reports are tailored to individual client needs