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Driven to deliver a frictionless property experience for our clients.


Like most good ideas, Leedwell started with a simple but powerful promise.

Andrew Zammit, Steve Smith and John Savva came together in 2009 because of a shared conviction in the power of building strong, lasting relationships with clients.

Anyone can do a deal; for Andrew, Steve and John, it was – and will always be – about providing the best independent advice, the clearest strategic thinking and the most innovative tailored solutions to each and every client, time and time again.

That’s a vision shared by Chris Parry, who joined the partnership in 2018 and helped cement Leedwell’s expansion into Victoria.

From humble beginnings, Leedwell now has market-leading intelligence in retail, commercial and industrial property with expertise across sales, leasing and asset management, development consultation, strategic advice and more.

But while the Leedwell story grows, the focus never shifts.

Because it’s all about a total commitment to providing our clients with a completely frictionless property experience.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is vital to ensure the ongoing value and safety of the property and its occupiers. Our Facilities Management Team is highly qualified and values Safety and Risk Management balanced with a cost effective mindset.

Leedwell’s Facilities Management Helpdesk is a one stop support desk for all facility needs, providing faster response times for issues raised and logged. We only use approved and inducted contractors, having a rigorous process in place to ensure all requirements are met for insurance, certification and quality.


Our specialised retail division delivers a full spectrum of services including leasing, sales, asset management, project leasing and development management. Everything we do is about using our experience and expertise to provide a hassle-free client experience that is entirely focused on maximising outcomes.


Our industrial real estate specialists are experts in providing sales, leasing and asset management solutions that deliver outstanding results for our clients. Our skillset includes everything from pre-commitment leasing to development management. And everything is based on a total team commitment to delivering a frictionless experience for our client.


Commercial property is a speciality unto itself. That’s why Leedwell has focused on building independent inhouse expertise and a suite of services to provide everything from sales and leasing through to consulting and asset management.


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Andrew Zammit

Andrew’s property experience is diverse and comprehensive, with particular strengths in providing strategic advice drawing upon his in-depth knowledge of sales, leasing, management and development processes.

John Savva

Strong vision, proactive thinking and clear focus have cemented John as an authority on development and retail property within South Australia.

Steve Smith

With a career spanning over 20 years in industrial property, Steve is one of the most experienced operators nationally and is considered an expert in his field.

Leasing & Sales

Our specialised retail leasing team has a proven track record in owner and tenant representation across the spectrum of the market – from bulky goods and supermarkets through to national chains, specialty stores and boutiques. Our Retail Direct service can provide additional support to strengthen the national retailer tenancy mix.

Pre-commitment, Design & Construct

Getting the right result starts with having the right knowledge – and the right people. Our specialists are market leaders in securing pre-committed key tenants, handling all aspects of the process from feasibility analysis, design, project leasing and master planning through to construction and project management.

Investment Sales

We live and breathe retail – and that means we’re always measuring the current market climate, studying trends and analysing the tenancy mix. This means we bring superior knowledge to your retail sale experience and a commitment to building a relationship based on your business.

Strategic Advice

Retail is a fast-moving, constantly evolving sector that demands specialist knowledge and skills. Our extensive industry contacts combined with in-depth knowledge of the current market climate, trends and tenancy mix, means we can deliver on the promises we make to our clients.

Development Management

A strong vision, big picture thinking and a clear focus have cemented Leedwell as an authority on retail property development. With wide-ranging expertise, our specialists connect the dots to create innovative projects and solutions that deliver.

Joint Venture Development Structuring

Our market-leading intelligence and experience in developing joint ventures is based on a commitment to creating the right partnerships and supporting them with relationship structures built to deliver for all parties.

Chris Parry

Chris is a retail specialist and market leader in retail property including leasing, investment and site sales, acquisitions, management and development.

Project Leasing

We maintain close relationships with large national brands, construction companies, owners, developers and investors. That means we are constantly monitoring the emergence of new retail projects and analysing potential benefits for our clients – keeping them ahead of the curve.

Large Format Retail

Leedwell is a true large format retail specialist, with more representation in the Victorian and South Australian markets than any other agency. Our high level of activity in this area enables us to introduce learnings and ideas from multiple platforms and jurisdictions, providing clients with the best of all worlds.

Retail Direct

Leedwell Retail Direct is a smart unique leasing solution tailored by our industry analysts to leverage strategic insights, helping to maximise the return on your investment and generate income sooner. The dedicated service team help bridge the vacancy gap and produce a plan to realise the optimal tenancy mix, with regular reporting to keep you informed.

Asset Management

The management of retail centres is a major component and focus of Leedwell’s business which has resulted in Leedwell being recognised as the No. 1 Shopping Centre Management Agency in South Australia – and growing fast in Victoria. Our experienced Asset Management and Facilities Management teams ensure properties are managed to an exceptional standard to maximise the value of our clients’ commercial, industrial and retail investments.

Leasing & Sales

Our commercial leasing team works closely with our clients to implement strategies that attract and retain strong long-term covenants. Our dedicated team values strong communication and a hands-on approach that means we leave no stone unturned to achieve the desired outcome.

Pre-commitment, Design & Construct

Leedwell has specific strengths in feasibility analysis and pre-committed design and construct facilities. Having client-side experience, our team understands the key metrics required in the decision making process.

Investment Sales

Our specialists are leaders in their field when it comes to navigating the commercial property market. Our approach is built on unparalleled knowledge that delivers quality insights and the best strategic advice, backed by a commitment to getting the best outcome for our clients every time, all the time.

Strategic Advice

We believe that strategic advice in commercial property should always be frank and fearless. That means sometimes we’ll need to tell you what you might not want to hear. But that’s part of our commitment to giving the very best to our clients all the time, every time. Because the stakes are too high to take chances.

Development Management

Our expertise in commercial development management is based on real-world experience that is evidenced by the long list of projects we’ve undertaken. We understand the process, we help avoid the pitfalls and – most importantly – we maximise the potential.

Joint Venture Development Structuring

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees – and that’s where we can help. Our detailed understanding of market dynamics and finance requirements combined with our relationships with interested parties means we can assist in aligning interests and providing the necessary structures required to bring about a successful partnership.

Asset Management

We take an integrated approach to commercial asset management with a focus on the fundamentals – enhancing the asset’s position in the marketplace, maintaining facilities to the highest standards and maximising sustainable returns. It’s easy to say and hard to do – but we’re proud to do it well.

Leasing & Sales

Our industrial leasing team is considered a market leader in South Australia with a genuine focus on achieving results for clients. We have a laser focus on creating successful outcomes through understanding our clients objectives and implementing intelligent, targeted strategies.

Design & Construct Development

We provide our clients with relevant strategic development advice to future-proof the asset and maximise investment value. Our team has direct experience with industrial development, a key point of difference and strategic advantage when working on these important projects.

Investment Sales

An intimate knowledge of investment fundamentals and a desire to build the wealth of our clients is paramount to our service offer. Whether divesting or looking to add to your portfolio, our team has a wealth of experience in matching quality investment properties to qualified and capable investors.

Development Management

Having client-side experience, our team understands the key metrics required in a landlord’s decision making process. This insight proves extremely valuable in setting a strategy, minimising risk, implementing activity plans and advising on commercial outcomes.

Joint Venture Development Structuring

We have successfully enabled client investment into new development opportunities with long term return prospects. Our strength is understanding key investment fundamentals, securing quality tenants and structuring documentation to protect investors into the future.

Asset Management

Our asset and property management teams provide specialist services to ensure the physical and financial management of the asset is taken care of, providing peace of mind to our customers and protecting the value of their assets.

Karolina Perre

Karolina’s strengths lay in her vast knowledge and networks of the retail and large format retail sectors.

Aissa McClory

With over a decade of experience in the property management industry, Aissa brings the energy and commitment necessary to thrive in this fast-paced industry.

Cameron Giles

Cameron is currently completing a Bachelor of Business, specialising in Property, at The University of South Australia. Commencing his career in Leedwell's Industrial Sector, he has a strong passion for the property industry ...

Henry Treloar

Henry Treloar is an industrial property specialist with over 5 years’ experience in the Adelaide industrial market.

Jamie Forwood

Joining Leedwell through its graduate pathway in 2015, Jamie has established himself as a valuable member of the Industrial Agency team.

Jonny Benedetti

Jonny is a commercial leasing specialist with extensive experience and knowledge in the Adelaide City market.

Kara Jovicevic

Kara joined the Leedwell team 5 years ago and has expertise across retail, commercial and industrial property.

Lara Farrell

Lara is one of Leedwell’s experienced Retail Managers with over 15 years' experience in shopping centre management.

Nick Segran

Nick is an integral part to Leedwell Property Melbourne division, specialising in retail leasing across Victoria.

Lahiru Wick

Lahiru's solid educational background in Facilities Management and international experience allowing him to satisfy all stakeholders, by delivering a holistic approach to Facilities Management in retail industry.

Peter Gambranis

Peter's property experience spans over 20 years with senior positions in national agencies.

Tom Perkins

Tom joined the Leedwell Property team in 2018 and specialises in retail leasing. Tom has developed an exceptional knowledge of Victoria's large format retail asset class.

Tony Bruno

Tony is an experienced Senior Property Manager with over 40 years' experience in the property industry, including managing both private and publicly owned commercial, industrial and retail properties.


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Bradley Feast

Bradley has over two decades experience in the real estate, banking and finance industries within the UK and Australian markets.

Joel Spaven

Joel has several years' experience in finance administration within the property management industry.

Pat Mazzaferro

Pat has more than 15 years’ experience in Operations and Facilities Management within the property management industry.


This privacy policy outlines how Leedwell Property Pty Ltd ACN 137 238 067 (Us, We or Our) collects, uses and discloses personal information as required by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

How We collect, use and disclose personal information
Leedwell Property is in the business of acting for individuals and corporations in transactions broadly involving the management, sale, lease and development of commercial, industrial and retail property.

In the course of doing business We collect personally identifiable information that allows Us to carry out Our due diligence by checking the legitimacy of ownership, viability of tenant, and to prepare sale, leasing, project and management proposals that form the basis of legal documentation. This may require disclosure to various individuals and entities including, but not limited to, solicitors, accountants, other professional advisors, owners of properties, in whole or in part of your personal information.

We may also need to collect personal information from you in order to provide you with information that you request from time to time through email, Our website ( or by post.

Leedwell is a member of a national network called "Industrial Commercial Partners" which has members in other states of Australia.

Where Our clients or their properties are referred to Our member partners, We may have reason to disclose personal information to them.

From time-to-time We may use personal contact information that you have given to Us to advise you of property opportunities. If you do not wish Us to use your personal information for this purpose, you are entitled to request that We remove you from Our mailing list. This can be done by directly contacting any person at Leedwell Property by telephone, mail or electronic mail (see Our contact details below).

Other than in the above circumstances, we do not disclose personal information to sources outside Leedwell Property without an authorisation in writing from you.

The kinds of personal information We collect and hold
Without limitation, the kinds of personal information We collect and hold may include your name, address, Australian Company and Business Numbers, telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses and website addresses. We collect this information for the purpose of communicating with you and completing legal documentation related to property agency and transactions.

Leedwell Property operates trust accounts (in compliance with the relevant legislative requirements) for the receipt, holding and distribution of funds on behalf of owners, clients, tenants and other property stakeholders. In the course of operation, We also collect and hold financial information and banking details about Our clients that allow Us to prepare financial reports about their property holdings, receive deposits on property sales and leasing agreements, receive rental and outgoings remittances from tenants and distribute funds to owners, conveyancers and other legal and financial representatives of parties involved in property transactions.

If We are required by Our clients to conduct a credit or reference check about you with third parties, We will make this fact known to you before or at the time of the credit check or if this is not possible, then as soon as practicable afterward.

How We collect and hold personal information
Personally identifiable information will be collected from you or about you only with your permission which may be given verbally by you. The APPs allow you to be anonymous or use a pseudonym when communicating with Us, however if We are required to prepare documentation for a property appointment, agency sales or leasing transaction We will need to collect your personal information. If We are unable to collect personal information relating to you, We may be unable to provide the services you require (or that an entity related to you requires) or continue Our relationship with you (or any entity related to you).

We take such steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to protect your personal information from: misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

We sometimes hold personal information in hard copy on a file created specifically for the transaction to which it relates, but more often personal information will be held electronically on computers, tablets and mobile phones of Our employees, which are the property of Leedwell Property.

Files are secured in Our offices when not under constant supervision during office hours. Archived files are stored in secured locations and only accessed by Us or by confidential records management providers until destruction.

Electronic information from Our computer network is stored on Our servers which are secured on site as well as off-site (including storage within the cloud server system). Back-up copies of server information is stored off-site at a secure location. Software used to manage Our services is sometimes accessed by external providers who are appointed by Us to maintain and update this software. The providers for this purpose are engaged subject to confidentiality clauses. Electronic mail is received by computer and replicated to Leedwell Property owned mobile telephones and tablets. Mobile electronic devices are secured with up-to-date software to avoid intrusion by third parties. Mobile devices are retrieved from staff leaving Our employ and are either cleared of data prior to disposal or are destroyed.

We have policies and procedures in place that require management and staff to maintain confidentiality protocols in relation to personal information collected.

How you can access personal information that We hold and seek correction if needed
If you wish to access the personal information that We hold about you, then you may contact Us using the contact details set out below to request to see a copy of this information. When you request copies of your personal information held by Us, We will endeavour to provide you with such personal information as soon as reasonably practicable. If any personal information is found by you to be incorrect, We will correct it immediately upon being informed of the error and advise you that the correction has been made.

If providing you with access to personal information would unreasonably impact on the privacy of others, prejudice negotiation processes with you, or We are not required to give you access to your personal information in accordance with any of the other 'exceptions to access' permitted by clause 12.3 of the APPs, We may deny you access to your personal information.

Likelihood that We would disclose personal information to overseas recipients
Leedwell Property is a business based in South Australia and the majority of its clients are also local or Australian based. Our Industrial Commercial Partners network are also locally based in other Australian cities.

It is highly unlikely that We or Our Industrial Commercial Partners network would need to disclose personal information to overseas recipients, however if an opportunity arises to transact with individuals or corporations based overseas, this may become necessary. We will only disclose personal information overseas with your consent.

Opting in or out
At the point We collect information from you, you may be asked to "opt in" to consent to Us using or disclosing your personal information other than in accordance with this policy or any applicable law. For example, you may be asked to opt-in to receive further information or communications from Our advertisers and supporters.

You will generally be given the opportunity to "opt out" from receiving communications from Us or from third parties that send communications to You, in accordance with this policy. For example, you will be given the option to unsubscribe to e-newsletters sent by Us.

If you receive communications purporting to be connected with Us or Our services that you believe have been sent to you other than in accordance with this policy, or in breach of any law, please write to Us at the address set out below.

How to make a complaint about a breach of your privacy rights
If you are of the view that We have breached the APPs, the Privacy Act, or any related privacy code in dealing with your personal information, you may make a complaint by writing to Us using the contact details set out below and We will endeavour to provide you with confirmation as to how We propose to deal with the complaint as soon as reasonably practicable.

If you are not satisfied with Our response to your complaint, you may make a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner.

Variation of policy
We may, from time to time, vary the terms of this privacy policy to take account of new laws and technology, changes to Our functions and activities and to make sure it remains appropriate.

This policy was last updated on 16 February 2016.

Direct marketing communications
From time to time We may use your personal information to provide you with marketing materials in relation to offers, specials, products and services that We have available. If You would not like to receive direct marketing materials from Us, you may notify Us using the contact details set out below.

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Contact details
Please direct all complaints and queries in relation to your privacy to:
Leedwell Property Pty Ltd ACN 137 238 067
Attention: Privacy Officer
136 Greenhill Road, Unley, SA, 5061
Telephone: +61 8 8212 8880
Email address:

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Richard Emary

Richard has over 30 years’ experience in Property having gained experience in international marketing including Australia and New Zealand.

Christian Hatzis

Christian’s energy, genuine down to earth approach and commitment to the task stand out as his key attributes.

Vittoria Palamara

Tori is a Retail specialist within the Leedwell Property Team. Tori’s expertise includes canvasing, leasing, property marketing and transaction analysis.

Karan Chavan

Karan’s passion for property combined with his determination and positive attitude makes him an integral member of the Retail Direct team.

Jesse O'Brien

Jesse uses his strong communication skills, enthusiasm and work ethic to ensure an outstanding property experience for his clients.

Renee Ferraro

Renee Ferraro is a trusted advisor and Industrial Sales professional with over 6 years’ experience in the Victorian market, concentrating in the North and Western markets.